Present and Future

    HOPE PARTNERS AFRICA (HPA) - Uganda – Free Indeed is excited to be working with our first partner organization, Hope Partners Africa.  Hope Partners Africa is a non-profit organization that brings together psychologists, psychiatrists and other professionals who specialize in treating refugees with trauma related conditions.  It is the mission of Hope Partners Africa to provide essential psycho-social and medical services to East African populations in severe need.  HPA’s vision is to develop self-sufficient individuals who are physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy in order to build non-violent communities based upon respect for human life. 

    Free Indeed works with HPA through their occupational therapy program that allows women that have experienced similar events such as rape to build a community that helps to encourage one another, laugh with one another, help one another, and to have a safe place to share their experiences in.  All while sewing and beading!  www.hopepartnersafrica.org


    RESETTLING AGENCY – Afghanistan – Free Indeed has also started partnering with refugee families that have been resettled in the United States through a resettling agency.  We are working with a couple that has been resettled in the Quad Cities area that has been making jewelry that is native to their homeland of Afghanistan.  Our couple would rather keep their identity private, which we respect and honor.  We will say it’s been an absolute joy to work with them, eat with them, and sit around a table and talk about ways we can work together to promote their jewelry, help to provide a good income for their family, and to also allow them to feel “at home” while they are making their jewelry.


    We are starting off small so we can get into our “groove”, but we believe that our list of partnerships will continue to grow as we pursue making connections with organizations and ministries that have a heart of healing at the center of who they are.